Bullies, Run! Beth Maday Is On the Loose

Meg Meeker, M.D.

Picture: Jeremy, Robin, Meg and Beth

Beth Maday is no ordinary high school counselor.

She seems to have single-handedly tackled the problem of bullying in her high school and won. At least, that‘s what one young man, Jeremy Flannery, says.

Mercilessly Bullied

From grade school through high school, Jeremy was mercilessly bullied. By the spring of his junior year in high school, his mother, Robin, was seriously considering moving her family across the country so that Jeremy might find a school where he wasn’t bullied.

Seven years ago, Jeremy’s father died of cancer leaving his mother with three young children. In addition to grieving her husband’s death, she had to help Jeremy keep his spirits up at a school where kids verbally chided him for being different.  Robin tried homeschooling him. That helped, but he missed other kids.

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